Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 honest things

one more post for the night.
since im tryin to pull an all nighter for no reason

i got this from niya's blog again.
cause her blog is the shit

10 honest things about me.

1.i go to a continuation highschool.. i had some ditching problems in the past also bong hitting problems=]... i have my prioritys straight now.

2. i live down the street from magic mountian. i rather disneyland

3.i write all the time poems, story's, quotes, random shit

4.when i was 7 i wrote a book called super squirle it was genius then
at 13 i wrote a script about a stupid teen love story.. wtf was i thinking haha

5.i broke my arm standing on skates....not even skating..just standing
im soooo clumsy

6. i live with my mom at the moment. shes impossible to communicate with

7.i used to have insomnia really bad. i would stay up for day's
but its gotten better over the years i also now take sleeping pills

8.im from las vegas sin city aka shit city

9.i have very bad anxiety. i get nervous easily

10.im spanish italian and german, i have a huge family but havent even met alot of them

1 comment:

Neeyuh said...

of course i already knew all of this about you since we've been friends since you came out your mom's pookie and i was there to catch yes catch you! lol hahaha except i think number 4 either i didn't know or don't remember, my bad memory...lol.