Tuesday, April 14, 2009

okayyy im finally posting something.
i think i havnt posted shit because i feel like im talking to myself.
and i already do that enough
but how am i ever gonna get friends on here if i dont freakin do anything
geeze rachel! use your head.

okkayyyyy so i was on niya's page aka peace.love.makeup aka friend since birth

and she did the 7 things you cant live without.

so0oo here's my 7things!

numero uno
for the white people
number 1

1.coppertone sunscreen lotion spf 50
i never leave the house with0ut it on i like my pale skin also dont want skin cancer duhh or discoloration like my mom... sorry mom

2.remmington wet 2 straight flat iron because without it i look like medusa

3.my cheap walmart brand acoustic guitar. i know its not makeup or anything but i bet it makes me look sexy

4.coconut lime verbena body lotion and spray
makes the guys go "dayyummmmmm"

5.nyx megashine lipgloss just freakin love them

6.MAC studio fix NW20 yes. im a vampire

7.last. movies.. any kind of movies. im in love with movies the acting,the
setting,the directing the music and costumes
im def in the right state for that love

well that's enough talkin to myself for one night

1 comment:

Neeyuh said...

lol dude this is an awesome list!! i like how you put "for the white people" i like your pale skin too cuz it makes you look like a cullen! i wish i did...lol. you don't have to bet your guitar makes you look sexy cuz it does! see like you said in number 6 your a vampire but since your so beautiful you have to be a cullen-type vampire. lol