Friday, April 17, 2009


since im pretty much only talking to

DUDE 7 pounds was so sad

i watched at alexes.and tried so hard to hold the tears hahah EPIC FAIL!.
you gotta see the reader and 7pounds..
they will be you new favorites.

i feel like movies are getting better and better.
i havent seen a good movie in a while.

and you gotta see milk.

but if you watch any of these movies but a box of tissues
OH and you need to see changeling with angelina

were gonna have movie/drink night yo.
but maybe not with sad movies we will be ballinnnnnn loll
ohh and i ment to tell you. nikkie watched twilight and its like her new fav movie haha and shes also madly inlove in edward

GEEZE the effect he has on women

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the reader

i watched the reader last night
and i loved it.
havent seen a movie like it ,very good acting especially from kate winslet
i love the setting it takes place in germany mainly but it goes from 1958 to 1995 and i wasnt exspecting it to be about what it was about

a risky romance and criminal acts

i love the way they show what power love has on a person
and how much people effect other peoples lifes.
even if they dont know it

Watch it...
tell me what you think

next movie on my list.

7 pounds

and i cant wait to see revolutionary road

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

revlon matte blush

i got the revlon matte blush and put it in my purse

i just took it out and ITS BROKEN IN A MILLION PIECES.

the blush is everywhere! wtf i put it in my purse so i could use the cute mirror

and now it looks ugly..

just a warning


okay so fuck that last post.

i was canceled on!! lol WOW after all that

karama's a bitchhhh


quick post

im watching that movie night in rodanthe i think thats what its called
it sooooooooooo sad! i recommend watching it alone. you will cry lol

especially if you+men= ugly mess like me your gonna be like
"omgg why cant i find a love like that :sobbing:" haha

i figured it out last night actually
i always fall for the asshole or the dickhead or the one i cant have.

so im going to hang out with this boy tonight that actually likes me
and is nice. thats why i passed him up in the first place so i am going to give this poor dude a chance since i keep blowing him off

what is it with girls and falling for the "bad" boy / fucking asshole

im thinkin its because thats the majority and you find nice ones every now and them but never give them a chance.

well thats all ending today
goodbye meanies hello sweeties

10 honest things

one more post for the night.
since im tryin to pull an all nighter for no reason

i got this from niya's blog again.
cause her blog is the shit

10 honest things about me.

1.i go to a continuation highschool.. i had some ditching problems in the past also bong hitting problems=]... i have my prioritys straight now.

2. i live down the street from magic mountian. i rather disneyland

3.i write all the time poems, story's, quotes, random shit

4.when i was 7 i wrote a book called super squirle it was genius then
at 13 i wrote a script about a stupid teen love story.. wtf was i thinking haha

5.i broke my arm standing on skates....not even skating..just standing
im soooo clumsy

6. i live with my mom at the moment. shes impossible to communicate with

7.i used to have insomnia really bad. i would stay up for day's
but its gotten better over the years i also now take sleeping pills from las vegas sin city aka shit city

9.i have very bad anxiety. i get nervous easily spanish italian and german, i have a huge family but havent even met alot of them
okayyy im finally posting something.
i think i havnt posted shit because i feel like im talking to myself.
and i already do that enough
but how am i ever gonna get friends on here if i dont freakin do anything
geeze rachel! use your head.

okkayyyyy so i was on niya's page aka aka friend since birth

and she did the 7 things you cant live without.

so0oo here's my 7things!

numero uno
for the white people
number 1

1.coppertone sunscreen lotion spf 50
i never leave the house with0ut it on i like my pale skin also dont want skin cancer duhh or discoloration like my mom... sorry mom

2.remmington wet 2 straight flat iron because without it i look like medusa cheap walmart brand acoustic guitar. i know its not makeup or anything but i bet it makes me look sexy

4.coconut lime verbena body lotion and spray
makes the guys go "dayyummmmmm"

5.nyx megashine lipgloss just freakin love them

6.MAC studio fix NW20 yes. im a vampire

7.last. movies.. any kind of movies. im in love with movies the acting,the
setting,the directing the music and costumes
im def in the right state for that love

well that's enough talkin to myself for one night