Tuesday, April 14, 2009


quick post

im watching that movie night in rodanthe i think thats what its called
it sooooooooooo sad! i recommend watching it alone. you will cry lol

especially if you+men= ugly mess like me your gonna be like
"omgg why cant i find a love like that :sobbing:" haha

i figured it out last night actually
i always fall for the asshole or the dickhead or the one i cant have.

so im going to hang out with this boy tonight that actually likes me
and is nice. thats why i passed him up in the first place so i am going to give this poor dude a chance since i keep blowing him off

what is it with girls and falling for the "bad" boy / fucking asshole

im thinkin its because thats the majority and you find nice ones every now and them but never give them a chance.

well thats all ending today
goodbye meanies hello sweeties

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Neeyuh said...

i have to see that movie!! well as you know i fall for same type of guys but what we both have to remember is that the right ones are out there for us but their not ready for us yet we aren't the typical girls we're on a whole over level that they can't comprehend. I like that...goodbye meanies hello sweeties! imma use that now! lol