Friday, April 17, 2009


since im pretty much only talking to

DUDE 7 pounds was so sad

i watched at alexes.and tried so hard to hold the tears hahah EPIC FAIL!.
you gotta see the reader and 7pounds..
they will be you new favorites.

i feel like movies are getting better and better.
i havent seen a good movie in a while.

and you gotta see milk.

but if you watch any of these movies but a box of tissues
OH and you need to see changeling with angelina

were gonna have movie/drink night yo.
but maybe not with sad movies we will be ballinnnnnn loll
ohh and i ment to tell you. nikkie watched twilight and its like her new fav movie haha and shes also madly inlove in edward

GEEZE the effect he has on women


Neeyuh said...

Man I wanna watch them all like right now!! I'll need a huge box of tissues since I'm a bawler! haha Twilight is so contagious! That's soo cool she likes it too! Have you read more of the book? I know he's like the definition of the man all women want it's crazy.

Rachel said...

haha im a bawler tooo!!!!

yeah iv read more i'll prolly read the rest this weekend since im not doing shit and nikkie wants to read it so bad now..

we were all talkin about how bad we want edward to bit our necks hahah

Neeyuh said...

In the book you want him more cuz you really see how he is and the things he says and does! Ohmygosh!! lol

Shoot I would want him to bite my neck so freakin bad there was no way I could wait like Bella did.